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Shocker RSX Paintball Gun - Silver Brushstroke Splash - Ship Global

RRP: $899.95
$699.95 (You save $200.00)

 Product Description

Shocker RSX Tech Specs 

Weight: 1.70 lbs

Height: 7.88 inches (20cm)          

Length: 8.08 Inches (20.5cm)

Barrel Thread - Autococker                  

Operating Pressure: 170 PSI

Lubricant Type: Factory GR33SE          

Battery Type: 9 Volt - Alkaline

Carry Case - Yes



Shocker RSX Advanced Features

Tool-Free Cleaning - Push-button access unlocks the RSX power plant, which slides out under spring assist for full access to the valve and bolt without tools. The power plant slides back into place and latches automatically with no risk of damaging the body by cross-threading.

Lever Detents - With a shallow angle to the bolt, RSX spring-loaded detents prevent double feeding but swing smoothly back from the bolt for low-drag, long-life operation.
Precision Trigger - Four point adjustment and dual sealed bearing assemblies combine to deliver a trigger pull that is short, light, fast and consistent.
Q-Lock Feedneck - Professional tournament proven over generations of Shockers, the Q-Lock clamps loaders securely in place, yet opens easily with the flick of lever.
SX Grip Frame – Masterfully Engineered  - The Shocker® is designed to be as light and as strong as possible. The grip frame has been machined from a single billet of aircraft grade aluminum. Using the latest 3D modeling, engineers have removed every ounce of weight without compromising strength. Air flows through the frame in the straightest path possible, ensuring maximum air flow, without adding tubes or hoses. The ample trigger guard leaves room for the biggest of hands and the fastest of fingers. The attention to detail in the design of the Shocker® frame is as beautiful as it is purposeful.
SX Body – Sculpted For Performance - The Shocker® challenges the conventional thinking of paintball marker body design by integrating not only the air flow system, but the regulator itself. The Shocker® reduces the number of parts, seals, and weight by updating traditional thinking and once again bringing fresh ideas to the industry. The Shocker® became a legend through innovation and pursuit of performance, the RSX’s unique body design proves there is still innovation to be made.
14" All American Freak Barrel – Legendary Versatility and Accuracy - Only two things are better known in tournament paintball than the Shocker – The Freak and All-American barrels. The Shocker® RSX comes with the best of both. The ‘cocker threaded Freak® back combines with optional inserts to adjust bore size for optimum performance when weather and paint conditions change. Helical porting keeps the All-American front quiet while dispersing air to reduce turbulence for tack-driving accuracy.
RSX Bolt System – Spool Valve Technology Reborn - The Shocker® has always been known as a smooth shooting, accurate and consistent platform. The RSX bolt system is a light-weight precision engineered system designed to deliver paint down field smoothly, accurately and quietly. The skeleton structure of the RSX bolt system reduces reciprocating mass to an absolute minimum. The precision fit of its internal parts means that there are no wearable metal parts in the entire drivetrain.  Finally, the low operating pressure allows players to shoot the brittlest of paintballs with no need for an LPR.
OLED Control Board – Leading edge technology, standard - The Shocker® OLED control board features intuitive menus with easy trigger programming that make set-up and adjustment in the staging area quick and easy. Rear grip placement provides a heads-up view of the integrated screen from a shooting position. Standard USB connection to the RSX circuit board makes updating the firmware as simple as downloading pictures from a smart phone. English not your native language? The RSX has the ability to download new text packs to format the OLED screen to the language of your choice.
Break Beam Eye Sensors – Durability and Reliability - The Shocker® uses board mounted  photoelectric eye sensors to maximize reliability and strength. In modern paintball nothing is more important than reliability, and that starts in the breach of the paintball marker. The eye system simply has to work with all paints and in all conditions, every single time. The high intensity sensors used in the Shocker® are capable of seeing all types of paint, even through gunk and dirt. The wire connections and board support are designed to be rugged and reliable. The boards alignment slots ensure proper set up the first try, even for the first time user. The Shocker® eye system is designed to be used, abused and continue to work.






What hoppers fit the Shocker?

The Shocker® features an adjustable Q-Lock feedneck and will fit any hopper on the market. We do advise using a motorized loader capable of at least 15 balls per second.

Are the bolts on the Shocker Standard or metric?

All bolts on the Shocker® use standard allen key sets, and have standard threads.

Are any tools included with the Shocker?

Yes, all allen keys needed to disassemble the shocker are included with purchase.

Is any lubricant included with the Shocker?

Yes, grease lubricant is included with the Shocker®. Do not use another type of lubricant on your Shocker®, it will reduce reliability.

Do any replacement parts come with the Shocker?

Yes, the Shocker® comes with one full rebuild of all dynamic (moving) o-rings, as well as one set of ball detents and springs.

Is a battery included with the Shocker?

Yes, the Shocker® ships with a premium grade alkaline battery.

What fits in the factory Shocker case?

The Shocker® case will fit:

  • Shocker® Paintball Marker
  • All American Barrel Front
  • RSX Freak Back – Autococker Threaded
  • Factory Spare Parts
  • Factory Tools

Is the Shocker legal in Germany?

Yes, the shocker is legal for ownership in Germany

Can I change the OLED to my native language?

Yes, the Shocker®’s screen can be updated through them mini USB port.

What type of battery does the Shocker use?

The Shocker® uses standard 9 volt alkaline batteries. We recommend using new, brand name batteries for best results.

How many shots will the shocker get from a fresh battery?

The Shocker® will get 60,000 shots from a fresh, brand name alkaline battery.

Is there a battery indicator on the Shocker?

Yes, the OLED screen has a battery level indicator.

Can the Shocker be locked for tournament play?

Yes, the Shocker® is completely tournament legal. A single button on the main control board will deactivate all external programing modes, allowing the Shocker® to be locked down for tournament play.

What is the maxmum rate of fire for the Shocker?

The Shocker® has an un-capped semiautomatic mode that will shoot as fast as the player’s fingers and hopper can fire. All enhanced firing modes (ramping etc.) are limited to a maximum of 20 balls per second.

Can the Shocker use CO2 as a propellant?

No, using CO2 will damage the solenoid of the Shocker®.

What is the maxmium recommended input pressure for the Shocker?

The recommended input pressure (from the tank to the air source adapter) is 450psi.

What inserts are compatiable with the Shocker barrel?

The Shocker® barrel is compatible with genuine Freak inserts.

What threads is the shocker barrel?

The Shocker® uses Autococker threads.

Can the Shocker use Freak fronts on my factory barrel back?

Yes, the Shocker®’s  barrel back will accept genuine Freak barrel fronts, including the Carbon Fiber barrel front.

How long is the factory Shocker barrel?

The factory barrel is 14 inches (35.5cm)

What warranty is offered on the Shocker?

The Shocker® is warranted for 1 year from the date of purchase with regard to manufacturer defects. The electronics are warranted for 6 months from date of purchase. Modification of the Shocker® in any way voids this warranty.

What lubricant does the Shocker use?

The Shocker® uses Gr33se only.

How often should the Shocker be lubricated?

The Shocker® can go up to 50,000 shots between lubrications in excellent conditions. In less than ideal conditions, the Shocker® should be lubricated after each day of play.

How often should I replace the orings of the Shocker?

The Shocker® has been tested on a single set of o-rings to 1 million cycles in laboratory conditions. Playing environment greatly effects the life of your o-rings, they should be inspected each time you lubricate your marker.

How do you adjust the velocity of the Shocker?

Velocity is adjusted through the front vertical regulator, see your manual for further instructions. Be sure to follow field guidelines for maximum FPS, do not exceed 300fps.

What caliber does the Shocker use?

The Shocker® shoots .68 caliber paintballs only.

What grips are compatiable with the Shocker?

The Shocker® frame will only fit factory grips.

Does the Shocker have any hoses or airlines?

No, the Shocker® has no external or internal air lines or hoses.

Can one change the factory reulgator on the Shocker?

No, the front vertical regulator is an integral part of the body design and cannot be removed. The internal mechanism of the regulator can be removed for service, and the process is covered in your owners manual.

Are the ball detents driven by a spring or magnet?

The Shocker® uses lever action detents driven by a spring

Is "True Semi-Automatic" available for the Shocker?

The PSP required firing mode “true semi-automatic” will be available as a programing update.

What freak insert is included wih Shocker from the factory?

The Shocker® includes a .687 aluminum insert from the factory at no additional charge.

 Warranty Information

The Shocker® is warranted for 1 year from the date of purchase with regard to manufacturer defects. The electronics are warranted for 6 months from date of purchase. Modification of the Shocker® in any way voids this warranty.

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